A Day with Criminal Justice Players


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At round 6 AM, We started a  journey to Milimani law courts in town. I was very excited because It will be my first court visit. We were at the court around 8 Am and we were given the basic  rule that no taking pictures, no making noise or even whispering  and once the judge is in we have to all stand up. He will vow for us and sit and we have to do the same, we also have to vow and sit after the judge has taking his sit. I like the court sitting. We were given a place to sit in a traffic case court. All the case held they are of traffic cases.

The judge came in at 9:05 AM and we all stand up as there said, we did as there said and the cases began.  Registrar is the person who makes sure court processes are followed and helps a judge. The registrar has a list that she calls out some name, if the person is around they are ask to go to accusation box. Them the registrar passes the person file to the judge. There is also the prosecutor officer who is trying to prove the defendant is guilty. He sometimes asks some questions to the offenders. The judge from there decides to dismiss the case or to process the cases by given another sitting day. A man was called and a women in hijab. She looks like she is a complainant and she made a bandage in her head and hands. She answered some question which was asked by the prosecutor and later the offender was given a chance to defend am self. He started to speak but I rarely understand what he is saying and it was in Kiswahili. I ask a friend what he was saying and told me that he is a motorist and he hit the women. When he started talking the women interrupt like she disagrees with what he was saying.

Later on they were asked to have they sit. They were also case between the Republic vs. Simon Ndangu Njeri. He was charge contrary to 30(1) c. he have a fine of 5,000 Kenyan shillings and the court plea him not guilty.

There used to have two files, the first for the court and the other for the prosecutor. The files are built on different part. From A to H. file A is the sketch of the place the crime is committed, file B is the inspection evidences gathered by the police, file C is the  is other medical evidences, file D is about what transpired, it is like the statement. File E is the statement made by the accused person, file f is the investigation diary. If the accused have a history of other offenses and the last file H gather any other communication. In any accident there is something called “B3”, it is the doctor’s report.

We had a speaker who talks about the first court in British East Africa was established by the Imperial British East Africa Company in 1890 with A.C.W Jenner as its first judge in Kenya. it was then renamed Kenya Colony and Protectorate in 1920 and remained so until 1963 when Kenya became an independent state.

We visited the jail in the court and the person in charge explains some of the things they do. I remember she said “they deal with all kind of people” people with degrees and has psychological problem with different background, norms and value. So they have rehabilitation centers in the prison with counselors with the maximum level of Doctorate degree in other to make the rehabilitation successful.

It was a very educating trip. I  Learned a lot on how the criminal justice system work and the role everyone player take in other to achieve the vision of doing away with crimes. I am looking forward for the next trip and I hopefully believe to be part of the criminal justice system in the future.


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