Magazine and Newspaper

Hey guys!

Welcome back to my blog. Today we gonna be talking about magazines and newspaper.

The first thing that come to my mind when magazine is mentioned is “Entertainment”. North American Review (NAR) was the first literary magazine in the United States. It was founded in Boston in 1815 by journalist Nathan Hale and others. It was published continuously until 1940, but was inactive from 1940 to 1964, until it was revived at Cornell College (Iowa) under Robert Dana. Since 1968 the University of Northern Iowa (Cedar Falls) has been home to the publication. Read more on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_Review . Please ask me where I was in 1815! The second  American magazine we will be talking about is “The Saturday Evening Post” is a bimonthly American magazine. It was published weekly under this title from 1897 until 1963, biweekly until 1969, and quarterly and then bimonthly from 1971. In the 1920s to the 1960s, it was one of the most widely circulated and influential magazines for the American middle class, with fiction, non-fiction, cartoons and features that reached millions of homes every week. The magazine was redesigned in 2013. You also need to check this out! Follow the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Saturday_Evening_Post. Don’t look curious! You all know 2013 I am in Earth. Saturday Evening Post hits 2 million in 1920s. Tell me also tell you something, in 1920s I can’t read or write.

Newspaper is a printed publication (usually issued daily or weekly) containing news, feature articles, advertisements, and correspondence. Newspaper was also the first mass medium to rely on advertising for financial support. The Era of newspaper started in 1690 when the first newspaper was published by Benjamin Harris. The funny part is it was Banned by the colony after one issue. This era was called Colonial Papers. The second era of newspaper “Partisan Press” 1784 first daily newspaper was published and has two main types: political and commercial. The next era was “Penny Press” in 1833  Benjamin Day’s New York Sun. it cover Human-interest stories, Local events, scandals, and police reports, Blazed the trail for celebrity news among other things.

My communication class is amazing so far and I hope you guys have learned something from my writing today.









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