Early History of Movies


Hello Everyone!!!

Do you know the history of film began in the 1890s, when motion picture cameras were invented and film production companies started to be established? Because of the limits of technology, films of the 1890s were under a minute long and until 1927 motion pictures were produced without sound. The first decade of motion picture saw film moving from a novelty to an established large-scale entertainment industry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_film

Film production in Africa dates back to the early 20th century, when film reels were the primary cinematic technology in use. The Nigerian film industry is the largest in Africa in terms of value, number of annual films, revenue and popularity. It is also the second and third largest national film industry in the world, based on the number of annual films and revenue respectively. In the case of Kenya, the film industry is still relatively modest, and rather than fictional movies, Kenya mostly focuses on documentary films about the poor living conditions of the people in its cities. However, the country lacks the financial means required to produce wider scale films and pay professional actors. In response, the Kenyan government has made a strong effort to enable the Kenyan cinema to become an established and prosperous industry, with the creation of the Kenyan Film Commission in 2006 (under the Ministry of Information and Communication), whose  goal it is to raise international awareness about its developing industry with the aim of attracting potential investors.

I quote from my Lecturer “We need to ask big-picture questions such as what purposes movies serve for us today, compared with their earlier intent; how strong  an impact the U.S. film industry has on society and culture in our own country and in others; and where the film industry may be headed in the future.”

I think movies have generated both positive and negative effects on our society. You can share what you think by commenting. Thanks for coming over today. Don’t Forget we can achieve our dreams.



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