Criminal Justice Leadership

Hello Pals

It have been a while. Today I’m writing about Criminal Justice Organization Leadership and bit of Prison overcrowding. Hope you will enjoy it!!!

First of all, Just like any other form of leadership, Criminal justice leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization with the aim of accomplishing the organization goals.

Individuals are either elected or promoted to lead criminal justice organization. These leaders usually have gone through the ranks of the organization. In most cases the leaders are being appointed by the government, which means they are representing the interest of the government. However the best individual can become the leaders of the organization because people get promotion on the basis of their improvement and quality of work.

Organizations have a traditional way of doing things, is not a law but that is the way they do it. Leadership in Criminal justice organization has it tradition which might not be very clear to the public. Some leaders with vision get to the position of leadership in criminal justice organization but cannot make many changes because of the organization tradition. I think that are some of the major limitation of leadership in criminal justice organizations.

I think leadership in criminal justice organization is governed by the ruling party (Government). The government has the power to appoint the best individuals or the bad ones. The government appoints leaders that are loyal to it to lead the organizations and the leaders in the organizations chose who to work with and promote individuals that are loyal to the government. I think it all comes from the government, if it gives the organization a chance serve it purpose efficiently the best individuals can become the criminal justice administrator or managers.

The term prison overcrowding is a social phenomenon occurring when the demand for space in prisons in a jurisdiction exceeds the capacity for prisoners in the place.

Prison overcrowding is one of the key contributing factors to poor prison conditions around the world. Prison overcrowding not only serve as an learning ground for new crimes or an platform to exchange ideas to improve how crimes are committed but also prevent the inmates to enjoy some of their basic right. The prison wardens cannot effectively manage or control the inmates in some cases. To avoid prison overcrowding, law have been passed on sentencing guideline and how to avoid some offender from encountering the criminal justice players by referring to the sentencing policy guideline.

I think prison overcrowding is a correctional problem that can be addressed by the administrator. The administrator can come up with a permanent solution to the problem. For example in United State of America, crimes are reducing and population of inmates are growing higher because people are more likely to be arrested than before, Laws like three strikes and people who failed to comply with their parole minor rules. Good leaders in criminal justice organization will be able to address the problem of overcrowding.

We have great challenges and opportunities ahead of us, Do your part  and leave the rest. i finally raise my case and wish you success.




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